010172024 Hader Alignment Metal Housings (24)

Hader Alignment Housing (24-Pack)


Now you have a choice: our thin Traditional Hader housings and the Hader Alignment housings! The parallel grooves on the top of the alignment housings provide an easy way to assure clips have not rotated prior to processing and assure a parallel path of insertion/draw.


Both housings work with both our authentic Hader as well as the EDS-Hader system.



  • 4.2mm Width
  • 1.5mm Height (with clip)
SKU: 0101720-24

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    Hader Yellow Riders- Standard (24-Pack)

    Authentic Hader Yellow Rider may also be used with Preci-Vertix/Horix and Hader-EDS attachment systems.


    Yellow = Standard Retention (Approx. 800g)

  • Hader Green Processing Spacers (6-Pack)

    • Full Length of 5.0mm
    • Reduce height to fit the vertical height of the bar.
    • The width of the “tail” tail of the spacer matches the widest part of the Hader clip. This allows easy insertion and removal of the actual clip. More importantly, it also provides a “tunnel” that is wide enough for removal and insertion of the prosthesis without damage to the clip.

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