0101281C Preci Clix 1281C Castable Male

Preci-Clix Castable Male Pattern


Spherical plastic male for casting. Use the 1201P paralleling mandrel, pour only in hard alloy, and polish to a high shine using the 1230 cup bur. Green burn out plastic. Height : 3.95mm. Ball Height: 2.05mm, 2.25mm Ø sphere.

SKU: 0101281C

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  • 0112300 Preci Clix 1230 Cup Bur (2)

    Cup Burr (2) to finish cast spheres

    This cup burr is used with the castable Clix males to finish the cast sphere. The cup burr maintains the circular shape of the sphere and produces a smooth finish for less wear on the female component.


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