Dental Implant Abutments & Attachments

Dental Implant Abutments

Dental implants abutments, the same as both vital and non-vital teeth and roots are abutments that give the appearance of natural tooth replacement. The major differences between dental implant abutments and vital and non-vital teeth and roots are:

  • Lack of parallelism
  • Positioning
  • Mechanical adaptation requirements

The following options for implant abutment prosthetics are identical to natural dental implant abutments:

  • Fixed Bridges. Often requires segmentation and attachments for parallelism.
  • Fixed Detachable Bridges. “All on 4″ or “Hybrid” dentures.
  • Combination of Fixed and Removable. Often fixed bridgework may be implemented in the anterior region and a removable partial denture in the posterior. To avoid the negative esthetics and force distribution of clasp retention, precision implant attachments should be selected.
  • Removable Prosthesis

The most popular dental implant abutment used in implant dentistry is a Removable Prosthesis, due to ease of implant inspection, servicing, hygiene, and maintenance. Three approaches are available:

  1. Bars–provide outstanding stability, but take more space and require better patient hygiene. Hader Bars, Dolder Bars, Round Bars, Custom milled bars with attachments.
  2. Stud Overdentures–provide retention, allow for independent servicing, do not provide as much stability. Locator Attachment, Sphero Flex, Preci-Clix, and magnets.
  3. Magnets—Do not require parallelism, have no specific path of insertion and significantly reduce or eliminate the transfer of lateral loads or torquing of the abutments. Provides retention but not stability.

LOCATOR® Implant Abutment System

The LOCATOR® dental implant abutment system is a self paralleling, low profile, resilient stud overdenture attachment that replaces the tooth root.

The Extended Range nylon males provide for self-aligning of the attachment and aid the patient in positioning their prosthesis in a similar manner as a guide plane created by a milled bar. The implant-retained overdenture can be properly seated without damage to the attachment components.

This is especially important for a patient lacking the ability to properly orient their denture.

Clinical use has proven the ability of patient problems with inserting their implant-retained overdenture to be solved in as little as one appointment.

The nylon male stays in contact with the implant abutment at all times, but the metal housings pivot and rotate around the nylon male to provide prosthesis resilience and abutment protection.

LOCATOR® R-Tx Attachment System

The next generation Locator attachment allows for 60º of angle correction between dental implant abutments, a carbon-nitride coated long-lasting dental implant abutment, anodized pink esthetic housing, and easier seating/removal for the patient. Available for all major dental implant systems.

LOCATOR® F-Tx Attachment

No screws, no cement, no problem!

A revolutionary FIXED attachment that eliminates the problems of cement, screw access holes, and difficult procedures. Simple, user friendly techniques to save hours of chair time during processing and servicing.

Not indicated for resilient/tissue supported prostheses. Minimum of 4 implants.

LODI – Locator Overdenture Implant System

The LODI is designed to provide a specialty overdenture implant /attachment option where narrow ridges, minimized surgical invasiveness and financial considerations play a role in the implant choice and where a superior overdenture attachment can be utilized with no compromise.

Clix Ball Abutment

2.25mm spherical attachment with slotted plastic female to engage a larger surface area of the sphere and reduce wear. This unique female makes an audible click to ensure prosthesis security.

The female housing may be paralleled either in the Laboratory or Chairside to correct up to 30 degrees divergence.

Equator Implant Overdenture Attachments

Preat now offers the OT Equator which is a line of low profile castable and direct implant overdenture attachments. The Equator is ideal when a rigid, fully abutment supported prosthesis, is indicated. With a low vertical profile of 2.1 mm and diameter of 4.4 mm OT Equator is the smallest attachment system on the market. This system offers multiple solutions for overdenture treatment planning when vertical space limitations are a concern. Available in two versions, castable and prefabricated titanium abutments which are compatible with any implant brand on the market and manufactured with cuff heights from .5 mm to 7 mm. Female caps are retained by means of a stainless steel housing ranging in four levels of retention, making it easy to process at the dental laboratory or chairside in the dental office. An OT Equator kit also available comes complete with 2 titanium nitrate coated attachments, 2 titanium bonding sleeves, 2 base spacers, an assortment of caps and 2 stainless steel housings. A complete line of OT Equator accessories and tools are also available.

O-Ring Attachment System

The O-Ring Attachment features simple techniques, low cost, versatility, and is the most resilient option to protect weaker abutments

O-Ring Cast To: 3.20mm tall 3.00mm Ø tooth surface 4.50mm Ø housing

O-Ring Abutment: the extremely resilient titanium O-Ring attachment requires 4.0mm vertical, 5.0mm Ø

All abutments include (1) metal housing, (3) black final o-rings, and (1) red processing o-ring

Mini Implants

These Preat parts are compatible with their 3M Mini-Implants counterpoints. Feel free to contact us directly with any further questions. We’ll help you match them up.

Multi Unit Components

Based on the Nobel Biocare® Prosthetic Interface

Drivers & Restorative Implant Tools

Long and short hand drivers, Right Angle “no-torque” wrenches, adjustable torque wrenches, and square and latch driver inserts for all the major implant sizes.

Magnet Attachments

Magnet attachment systems provide:

  • no path of insertion for patients with limited dexterity
  • limited servicing requirements for the operator
  • up to 24º of rotation for non-parallel abutments
  • prosthesis may engage undercuts for increased stability

Sphero Flex Self Paralleling

The unique Sphero Flex is a self paralleling ball attachment designed for use on implant cases where there is up to 15º of deviation between implants.

The small size (the ball is 2.5mm) saves precious space. The female component is a soft nylon with a metal housing that can be either seated in acrylic, or incorporated into a cast framework.

A “fixed ball” in size 2.5mm or 1.8mm is also available.

Internal Hex Pin Screw

The new internal Hex Pin Screw system is a set screw or locking screw for dentist-only removable crown, bridge, or removable prosthesis over implant suprastructures or telescopic castings.

The Pin Screw is primarily utilized horizontally with telescopic dentist removable prosthesis.

Internal Hex Tube & Screw

The new internal Hex Tube and Screw is used for vertical screw retention of crowns and bridges, dentist-only removable fixed prosthesis, implant suprastructures, and telescopic prostheses.