Now Available: New LOCATOR R-Tx Implant Abutment System!

No Screws, No Cement, No Problem: Locator F-Tx

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Translucent, bondable, polishable e-glass fibers

  • Non-invasive bondable esthetic temporary or provisional restorations for single tooth implants
  • Non-metallic “Maryland” type bridges
  • Reinforced temporary or provisional bridges
  • Reinforced TMJ splints
  • Reinforced sleep apnea appliances
  • Reinforced and bondable orthodontic appliances
  • Quick, easy and strong repairs of full and partial removable dentures
  • Strong, bondable, reinforced inlay/onlay bridges
  • Reinforcement or strengthening of new full and partial removable dentures
  • Reinforced “Flippers”
  • Reinforced bruxism appliances and night guards
  • Intra oral direct bonded periodontal splints (occlusal, lingual, or labial)
  • Reinforced Overdentures
  • Pedodontic space maintainers
Dental Attachments4

e-glass Fiber

Dental Attachments5

e-glass mesh

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