Preat has assembled a unique offering of crown and bridge specialties to assist the dental professional. Many dental professionals already have accuracy in their casting. Preat offers systems to complement this and provide consistency.Precision attachments are utilized in bridgework for:

Image result for arrow symbol Non-parallel abutments.
Image result for arrow symbol Segmenting bridges.
Image result for arrow symbol Future conversion if abutments must be sacrificed.
Image result for arrow symbol Segmented bridges offer the advantage of only requiring sections of prepared abutments to be parallel, improved contours, thinner connectors for open embrasures, less thermal distortion from porcelain application, easier cementation, independent physiologic movement of segments, and conversion capability without losing the entire bridge.
Image result for arrow symbol Rod and tube type attachments, such as the Splintastik, are primarily designed for use with anterior abutments.
Image result for arrow symbol Dove-tail shaped attachments, such as the FR and BPD, are primarily designed for posterior usage.


Pre-wetted E-glass fiber, pre-impregnated with a silane
coupler that allows the material to bond to acrylics and composites.

Since eFiber truly bonds to acrylics and composites,
you can grind/polish the prosthesis, adjust high spots, and place the
reinforcement where it matters: at the edge to stop cracks/breaks from

Designed for light cure chairside and Laboratory use.


Perma Mesh

E-glass fiber and mesh, pre-impregnated with a silane coupler that allows the material to bond to acrylics and composites.

Perma Mesh truly bonds to acrylics and composites, allowing the user to grind/polish the prosthesis.


FR Attachment

The FR is more accurate than any plastic pattern attachment, provides excellent proximal wall contacts for stability, and allows the ability for easy conversion if any abutments need to be sacrificed.  We strongly recommend the use of the FR attachment in fixed bridges. Of special interest is the inverted FR technique, which provides for a closed occlusal surface of the entire bridge and improved esthetics.



The Splintastik is a very simple plastic male and female rod and tube for use in anterior regions. The ceramic casting inserts assure accurate casting. Two sizes are available–the small size is small enough to fit into lower anteriors!

The small size also allows for open embrasures, good tooth contour, no extensive tooth reduction, and the height may be reduced if necessary. Other advantages include independent cementation and removal of bridge segments, the polished ceramic insert eliminates bubbles during investing and ensures consistent and accurate castings, and Splintastik may be cast simultaneously along with the abutment crowns in any alloy–including non-precious. Splintastik allows independent physiologic movement of segments.

Small0.8mm diameter

Large1.2mm diameter




Double Mandrel BPD

The BPD is an improved design for a universal plastic dovetail pattern.

The simple to use plastic dovetail intracoronal attachment can be used for non-parallel abutments, segmented bridges, and removable partial dentures with a retentive clasp arm.

The built in mandrel on the male and female provides the convenience of using the BPD in a traditional manner, or inverting it. By inverting the BPD,

Image result for arrow symbol no metal is shown on the occlusal surface for better esthetics.
Image result for arrow symbol placing the male extracoronal of the crown does not require additional space, or abutment reduction.
Image result for arrow symbol On mandibular implant cases, the female tends to follow the taper of the male and allow for some flexing of the lower jaw.

The patterns are produced in a clean burnout plastic. The reduced size provides wider application, better abutment contours, and improved esthetics. Taper ensures easy insertion and well defined proximal plates provide increased stability.


New Double Mandrel BPD



Laser welding Titanium profiles for wraparound Acrylic Implant Bridges.


Tube & Screw

The new Hex Tube and Screw is used for vertical screw retention of crowns and bridges, dentist-only removable fixed prosthesis, implant suprastructures, and telescopic prostheses.


Pin Screw

The new Hex Pin Screw system is a set or locking screw for dentist removable crown, bridges, or removable prosthesis over implant suprastructures or telescopic castings. The Pin Screw is primarily utilized horizontally with telescopic dentist removable prosthesis.



The Preci-Post system offers a simplified color coded system of tapered reamers, impression posts, and burn out posts for cast endodontic post restorations. This system is inexpensive and easy to use. One piece post-crown or post-coping restorations may be fabricated without a solder joint. The unbreakable plastic posts conform exactly to the recess made with the corresponding color-coded reamers. The heads of the opaque impression posts are retained in any impression material. Impression posts are self- separating and will not adhere to most die materials. The matching translucent laboratory posts are made of a special plastic that will burnout readily without residue at temperatures compatible with any alloy–including non-precious!

The starter kit contains 25 each of small opaque and translucent, 25 each of large opaque and translucent, and 2 reamers. All posts and reamers are tapered 2.5 degrees.

Refills are available for both the Laboratory Posts, and the Dentist Posts.


Preci-Post Starter Kit

Pozi Pins

Pozi Pins are an inexpensive, easy way to work with twin dowel pin systems. The Preat Pozi Pin has a taper for easy seating and removal while reducing wear, micro ribs to provide excellent retention even after multiple removals, and the top has an unique flat head saves space and prevents rotation. These also may be used to index models to the articulator.

Available in bags of 1000 pins.
Quantity break at 5, 10, and 25 bags.


Preat Fiberglass and Brass Pencils

The Preat Fiberglass and Brass Pencils are for easy removal of investment, casting, oxides, and soldering fluxes.

Always use these pencils in front of a suction or vacuum system. Refills for both pencils are available. See Fiberglass Pencil Instructions and Brass Pencil Instructions.


Preat Fiberglass Pencil and Refill

The Fiberglass Pencil has multiple applications, such as removal of oxidation from castings without altering the casting, pre-cleaning of solder joint area, post cleaning of a solder joint, and oxidation removal for Shiner Magnet tooth pieces or keepers.


Preat Brass Pencil and Refill

The Brass pencil is intended for the removal of investment from small, difficult to reach areas.

Liquid Colloidal Graphite

Liquid Colloidal Graphite is a contact indicator for the laboratory technician. It is ideal for fitting together castings and telescopic castings. Liquid Colloidal graphite is water soluble. It is also an excellent anti-flux agent. Solder and cast metal may be controlled by painting strips of Liquid Colloidal Graphite in areas where you do not want solder or cast metal to adhere.


Only the Zircoline System provides a complete assortment of specifically designed instruments to avoid overheating the sintered zirconia along with an easy technique for adjusting, correcting, polishing, finishing, separating, and milling of sintered zirconia.

For both Technicians and Dentists


Preci Roto

The Preci Roto System is a complete system for consistency and accuracy in spruing, investing, burnout, and casting. This easy to use system has the advantages of wax patterns that may be sprued safely and easily with substantial time savings, the correct weight of metal may be preselected to help save money, castings can be accomplished with or without metal rings, the smooth surface of wax rings and crucible former eliminates contamination from investment material during casting, facilitates controlled thermal expansion, eliminates ‘suck-back’ and contraction tearing, and produces very dense and homogeneous precision fit castings. The boxes of 50 small wax rings (for 38mm), and 50 large wax rings (for 54mm) can be used with all different systems.


Preci Roto

Precision Dial Caliper POCO OD

Caliper for all uses–wall and base thickness of crowns, incisal margins, fissures, etc. Measures to 0.10mm.

Very light and handy, easy to use.
Measuring Range: 0-2mm
Scale: 0.10mm


Precision Dial Caliper ODI OOD

Caliper for all uses–wall and base thickness of crowns, incisal margins, fissures, etc. Measures to 0.01mm.

Very light and handy, easy to use.
Measuring Range: 0-2mm
Scale: 0.01mm


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