Splintastik Kits & Components

The Splintastik is an inexpensive and easy to use rod and tube attachment for non-parallel anterior abutments and segmented bridgework.


  • Inexpensive and easy to use
  • Extremely small–allows for open embrasures, good tooth contour, no extensive tooth reduction. May be reduced to any height.
  • Excellent for non-parallel abutments and segmented bridges.
  • Allows for independent cementation and removal of bridge segments.
  • Polished ceramic insert eliminates bubbles during investing and ensures consistent and accurate castings.
  • May be cast simultaneously along with the abutment crowns in any alloy–including non-precious
  • Allows independent physiologic movement of segments.


Splintastik Starter Kit

2 each: Large Male, Female, and ceramic insert
2 each: Small Male, Female, and ceramic insert
1 each: Small and Large Mandrels, and Precision Reamers

Splintastik Refill Large

6 each of:

Large Male, Female, and Ceramic insert
1.2mm Ø


Splintastik Refill Small

6 each of:

Small Male, Female, and Ceramic insert
0.8mm Ø


Splintastik Ceramic Insert

Large (1.2mm Ø) Size


Large Ceramic Insert

Splintastik Ceramic Insert

Small (0.8mm Ø) Size

Small Ceramic Insert

Splintastik Precision Reamers

Large and small – 1 per package

Splintastik Large Reamer

Splintastik Small Reamer


Large Reamer and Small Reamer

Splintastik Paralleling Mandrel

Large and Small – 1 per package

Large Paralleling Mandrel

Small Paralleling Mandrel


Large Mandrel and Small Mandrel

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