Preat has assembled a unique offering of clinical specialties to assist the dental professional.

Implantlink Temporary Implant Cement

The first removable semi-permanent cement designed specifically for implant restorations.

Image result for arrow symbol Dual cure for quick and easy application
Image result for arrow symbol Light cure allows for easy to remove excess cement to maintain peri- implant health
Image result for arrow symbol Strong enough to provided stability, but still allows the restoration to be easily removed without damage


Chairside Attachment Pickup Material

Pink dual-cure Bis-Acryl chairside attachment pick up material, odorless and tasteless.
Working time 2 minutes and 15 seconds, curing time 7 minutes (self cure). 8g syringe enables the pickup of about 30 attachments.

Eack kit contains:

Image result for arrow symbol Syringe and Plunger
Image result for arrow symbol 15 Mixing Tips
Image result for arrow symbol 15 Angled Tips


Denture Removal Tool

Patient friendly and easy to use denture removal tool! This is designed to be used by the patient, or caregiver, to assist with the dislodgement of a dental prosthesis, including dentures and overdentures.


Image result for arrow symbol Large ergonomic handle for easy, no slip handling. Bi-directional design for patients with dexterity limitations.
Image result for arrow symbol Angled handle facilitates a comfortable approach to the intraoral environment and the extended neck allows the patient to reach prosthetic flanges while keeping the tool at a patient comfortable level.
Image result for arrow symbol Rounded tip and no sharp edges to prevent soft tissue trauma or prosthesis damage.



BisGMA and PMMA impregnated E-glass fiber.

Since eFiber truly bonds to acrylics and composites, you can grind/polish the prosthesis, adjust high spots, and place the reinforcement where it matters: at the edge to stop cracks/breaks from beginning.

Designed for light cure chairside applications.


Perma Block

Perma Block is a specially designed, cellulose-based caulking and block-out material that is syringe delivered. Perma Block will adhere to a wet rubber dam, gingival and mucosal tissues and teeth. It will adhere under water and saliva!


The Wagner Tray

Create a custom tray quality impression in just one short appointment.

The Wagner Tray provides the same features of a Lab-fabricated custom tray but is ready in just minutes. A Wagner Tray is customized chairside and in your patient’s mouth, eliminating the need for a second appointment.

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Chairside Adjustment Kit

This denture and partial denture adjustment kit is designed to provide a convenient, clean, fast and functional system for reducing and polishing acrylic denture resin.

Saves Time–chairside reduction and polishing in seconds
Eliminates Mess–no messy pumice required
Fast reduction of acrylic resin
Silicone Cutter/Polisher leaves a smooth surface for try in
High lustre Polishing Paste puts a high shine on acrylic in seconds

The kit contains 3 Silicone Cutter/Polishers (F8, F9, F10), 1 tube 244 Blue, and 1 mounted goat hair wheel.


Thermoplastic Polishing Kit

Do you use thermoplastic/flexible partials?

A great new way to get a final high shine is using the Thermoplastic polishing kit.

The kit contains:

  • 1 tube 244 blue polish
  • 1 large unmounted goat hair lathe wheel
  • 2 mounted goat hair polishing wheels

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