everStick C&B – 2 x 12 cm

everstick pre–impregnated glass fiber for all polymer crown and bridge prosthodontics.

C&B contains 4000 individual glass fibers, for an effective diameter of 1.6 mm. There are two 12 centimeter bundles in the package. This is enough for four to six individual treatments.

One can use all resins with everstick, but not primers containing adhesives. The “two bottle“ systems are advisable while one achieves a better bonding with these.

everStick Perio – 2 x 12 cm

everstick Perio is an ideal product for all types of splinting and orthodontics such as :

  • lingual/palatal splinting
  • labial splinting
  • occlusal splinting
  • post trauma labial splinting
  • it can also be used as a combined periodontal splint and surface-retained bridge

Perio contains 2000 individual glass fibers, for an effective diameter of 1.2 mm. The package contains 2 x 12 centimeters


everStick Intro Kit

  • 1 x 5cm C&B
  • 1 x 5cm Perio

The everstick Intro includes 5 cm of both the C&B and the PERIO, one silicon tool and user instructions. Both C&B and PERIO can be used either individually or together as a combination in the same clinical case.

PERIO contains 2000 individual glass fibers, for an effective diameter of 1.2 mm.

C&B contains 4000 individual glass fibers, foran effective diameter of 1.6 mm.

Case Design and Instructions
For technique, case design, and different applications, please view the eFiber Technical information page.

The handling and application of everStick and eFiber are the same.

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