Double Mandrel BPD

The “Better plastic dovetail”

The BPD is an improved design for a universal plastic pattern.

The simple to use plastic dovetail intracoronal attachment can be used for non-parallel abutments, segmented bridges, and removable partial dentures with a retentive clasp arm.

The built in mandrel on the male and female provides the convenience of using the BPD in a traditional manner, or inverting it.  By inverting the BPD,

  • No metal is shown on the occlusal surface for better esthetics.
  • Placing the male extracoronal of the crown does not require additional space, or abutment reduction.
  • On mandibular implant cases, the female tends to follow the taper of the male and allow for some flexing of the lower jaw.

The patterns are produced in a clean burnout plastic. The reduced size provides wider application, better abutment contours, and improved esthetics. Taper ensures easy insertion and well defined proximal plates provide increased stability. A universal attachment.


Double Mandrel BPD


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