The Locator Implant Abutment System

LOCATOR implant abutments should be ordered to the exact height of the gingival measurement.

The LOCATOR Implant abutment has a built in additional 1.5mm of height. This 1.5mm allows the male attachment to fully seat on to the the abutment.

Please do not add 1.5mm to your measurements.



With the LOCATOR Attachment, the pivoting ability of the LOCATOR Males and the Denture Cap at various points during seating and in function deliver a host of benefits including self-aligning ability, angulation versatility, greater resiliency and exceptional durability.

The Denture Cap’s ability to gently pivot in any direction over the male accommodates the natural movements during occlusion and the pliancy of the soft tissue supporting the overdenture, providing greater resiliency and keeping it from dislodging. Patients are able to enjoy a normal, comfortable chewing function and unparalleled confidence in the secure fit of their overdenture.

Compare this with attachments that don’t pivot. Without the pivoting action, the overdenture is locked in a static hold. As the patient is chewing, the attachment can easily disengage because of the opposing forces of occlusion.


The LOCATOR Male remains in static contact with the attachment while the Denture Cap, which is processed into the overdenture, has a full range of rotational movement over the male for a genuine resilient connection of the prosthesis without any resulting loss of retention.


Locator (pivoting) and GPS (non-pivoting)


Please make sure to order a LOCATOR Male Processing Package (8519, 8540, or 8550) for every 2 implant abutments ordered.


The LOCATOR Male Processing Package will provide you with three choices of retention. The standard LOCATOR Replacement Males can be used to restore an implant with up to 10 degrees of divergence (20 degrees between implants).


#8519 Male Processing Package


#8540 Extended Range Processing Package

The Extended Range LOCATOR Replacement Males (green #8547, orange #8915, or red #8548), ordered separately or in the new #8540 Extended Range Processing Package, will accommodate a divergent implant between 10 and 20 degrees (40 degrees between implants).

Please select your LOCATOR implant abutment from the implant types listed:


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