This article is presented for technical assistance purposes only. PREAT Corporation no longer supplies the components to service and/or repair this attachment system. Please feel free to contact us directly with any further questions or concerns.

UNOR 10802 Precision Intracoronal Attachment


Image result for arrow symbol  Gingival bevel on the male for easy patient insertion and removal–reduces wear potential.
Image result for arrow symbol  Retention is fully and easily adjustable by simply tightening or loosening the screw
Image result for arrow symbol  Female may be cast against with precious or semi precious alloy for easy fabrication. A female ceramic former is available for creating a female in non-precious castings.
Image result for arrow symbol  Vertical height may be reduced for short or close bite situations.
Image result for arrow symbol  Excellent external wall contact for guide plane stability.
Image result for arrow symbol  Male may be connected to the cast frame by acrylic resin, composite resin, or solder. Very easy techniques.
Image result for arrow symbol  Easy technique to incorporate male housing into cast chrome cobalt frame.
Image result for arrow symbol  System allows for conversion of fixed bridge to a removable partial denture if distal abutments are lost.

Adjustable Intracoronal Attachment Components

UNOR 10802 Complete Attachment

Adjustable Male and Female


UNOR Male #10812

Osunor Alloy
Composition: Au 10, Pt 10, Ag 30, Pd 35, Cu 14, Zn 1
Melting Range: 2066-2156º F
Annealing: 1472º F for 5 minutes
Hardening: 752º F for 15 minutes
May be soldered, or retained with composite or acrylic


UNOR Female #10820

Cerunor Alloy
Composition: Au 60, Pt 10, Pd 20, IR 10
Melting Range: 2552-2741º F
Annealing: 1832º F for 15 minutes
Hardening: 1292º F for 30 minutes
Cast-to with precious or semi-precious alloys


Cerunor Alloy Adjustable Male for Bridges


Cast with precious or semi-precious alloys


Plastic Male for Casting, Non-adjustable


*Note: males #10813 and #10814 fit female #10820, allowing for a bridge to be converted to a removable prosthesis using male #10812 if abutments are lost.


#20871 Duplicating Aid


#20881 Plastic Waxing Pattern


#20861 Male Ceramic Spacer


#20801 Paralleling Mandrel


#20821 Screwdriver


#20811 Transfer Female

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