Overdenture Stud

Stud precision attachments are primarily used on roots and implants for retaining removable partial dentures or overdentures. All stud attachments MUST be parallel to each other to provide ease of insertion and removal and reduce wear potential. Do not engage labial soft tissue undercuts with the denture base flange, as this will alter the path of insertion and cause excessive wear and servicing requirements. Stud attachments are low in profile to reduce leverage upon the retaining abutments, are easy for patient hygiene maintenance, allow physiologic independent movement of abutments, and are easy to independently service.

Preci Clix OD

Direct Placement or cast coping

Spherical overdenture attachment system that allows the user to replace both the male (threaded sphere) and female. Choose from threaded, bondable, or castable 2.25mm spheres.

The females engage the undercuts of the sphere to allow for superior retention, patient-pleasing audible click, and less attachment wear.

Clix 1261

4.30mm tall
4.00mm Ø tooth surface
4.00mm Ø housing


Clix 1251

3.50mm tall
3.50mm Ø tooth surface
4.00mm Ø housing


Clix 1271

5.50mm tall
4.00mm Ø tooth surface
4.00mm Ø housing


Clix 1291

4.15mm in tall
4.00mm Ø tooth surface
4.00mm Ø housing


Clix 1293
direct/one piece

4.00mm tall
4.00mm Ø tooth surface
4.00mm Ø housing


Direct Placement or cast coping

The Self-AligningPivoting feature of the LOCATOR attachment allows a patient to easily seat their overdenture without the need for accurate alignment of the attachment components.

  • Long Lasting–good for 110,000 insertion cycles!
  • Self-Aligning–patient can bit prosthesis to place!
  • Patented Dual Retention
  • Unique Pivoting Denture Cap
  • Choice of Retention–5, 4, 3, 2, 1.5, 1 and 0 lbs
  • Extra-Radicular Design
  • Money-Back Guarantee

3.00mm tall, 4.00mm Ø tooth surface5.50mm Ø housing


Ceka Revax Inverted Axial (M2 and M3)
Inverted Axial Female Bonding Technique
Technique: Male retained in the prosthesis

The Ceka Revax and the Axial Ceka Revax stud attachments both feature a direct cast to capability. The new Ceka Revax (M2) is the smallest fully adjustable and serviceable stud attachment system. This adjustable spring pin attachment may be utilized as a traditional stud (with cast copings), or inverted as an intraradicular connector for overdentures or removable partial dentures on roots and implants. It may be used for a resilient or tissue born prosthesis, or for a combination abutment and tissue supported prosthesis. The small size allows for usage when space is at a premium–ideal for ‘close bite’ situations. Clinical, laboratory, and servicing are routine procedures that are adaptable to the individual’s needs and/or techniques.

Ideal for low profile CAD-CAM bars!


M2 Inverted Axial3.80mm tall, 4.00mm Ø tooth surface, 3.40mm Ø housing

M3 Inverted Axial4.35mm in vertical tall, 4.30mm Ø tooth surface, 4.40mm Ø housing


Ceka Revax Traditional Axial (M2 and M3)
Axial Base Ring Solder Technique
Axial Base Ring Cast To Technique
Technique: Female retained in the prosthesis

The traditional Ceka Axial has been in use for over 30 years. As a result, it is one of the most widely used attachments in the world. It is much like the Ceka Revax Axial, but for one major difference–the Ceka requires 0.45 mm more vertical clearance. When space is available, select the traditional M3 Ceka as it is stronger and easier to service.


M2 Axial3.60mm tall, 4.00mm Ø tooth surface, 3.40mm Ø housing

M3 Axial4.00mm in vertical tall, 4.30mm Ø tooth surface, 4.20mm Ø housing


The Preci Ball 22 is a resilient (full rotation) 2.25mm spherical stud attachment. It is a simple, effective systems, with many options to protect the abutments and retain both partials and overdentures. The spherical male attachment is available in a prefabricated orax alloy for soldering, a burnout plastic pattern for direct casting, and also a threaded male for direct casting or soldering. The female is available in a prefabricated alloy and a threaded female. There is also an optional threaded replaceable female.

The Preci Ball allows for an easy path of insertion and removal, adjustable female, and easy patient hygienic maintenance. All adjustments are made in the removable prosthesis. These features allow the dental professional to alter the attachment to fit the patient’s needs, not vice versa.


Castable Male3.40mm tall , 4.35mm for threaded male, 3.55mm Ø tooth surface, 3.50mm Ø housing


** Limited Parts are Available for Servicing Existing Cases. Contact PREAT at 800-232-7732 for inquiries. **

Shiner Magnet Instructions

Magnetic systems provide:

  • no path of insertion for patients with limited dexterity
  • limited servicing requirements for the operator
  • up to 24º of rotation per abutment for non-parallel abutments
  • prosthesis may engage undercuts for increased stability

Shiner magnets provide retention in two different sizes.


Standard Magnet3.4mm tall, 4.0mm tooth surface, 5.5mm housing

Mini Magnet2.4mm tall, 3.5mm tooth surface, 3.9mm housing


Cast Coping

The O-Ring Overdenture system features simple techniques, low cost, versatility, a pressure relief system for seating, the ability to be used in combination with splinting bars, processing jigs that allow dent-ists to cement the crowns at time of try in and provide simple repair or replacement of the removable prosthesis. The O-Ring is maintenance free…there is nothing to repair except the O-ring, which may be replaced in minutes. The posts are 5.0mm in height, and the actual male component is 2.5mm in height.


O-Ring Overdenture3.20mm tall, 3.00mm Ø tooth surface, 4.50mm Ø housing

Direct Placement or cast coping

The Sphero Flex Post system is an endodontic post rotating ball attachment that corrects misalignment in any plane up to 15 degrees. The advantages of this self paralleling system are the freedom of movement (resiliency) that protects weak abutments, the biocompatibility of titanium, easy conventional techniques, and the small size of the sphere (2.5 mm). Also, no potential debris can enter the female, eliminating potential insertion problems. The female may be seated in the prosthesis, or incorporated in to a cast frame. The posts are available in three lengths– 6.75 mm, 8.40 mm, and 9.75 mm. The 2 degree precision reamer assures accuracy. This system can also be used with a cast coping.


Sphero Flex3.40mm tall, 3.55mm Ø tooth surface, 4.10mm Ø housing


The titanium Sphero Reconstrution kit is designed to allow for a rebuilding of worn spheres in the mouth to restore long term retention and stability for the patient using concave Titanium spheres. Other uses for this kit include increasing the diameter of a small sphere in the mouth or retrofitting an O-Ring attachment to a ball attachment.


There are 3 different diameter spheres:

2.5mm Ø

vertical height increase or decrease is case dependant, 4.80mm Ø housing

2.2mm Ø

vertical height increase or decrease is case dependant, 4.80mm Ø housing

1.8mm Ø

vertical height increase or decrease is case dependant, 4.80mm Ø housing

Locator Retrofit Kit #1747 for Worn ERA Root Attachments

Procedure Manual


Package of 2 (Includes LOCATOR® Retrofit, Parallel Post, Weep Hole Alignment Pin). Please order Locator males separately.


Locator Retrofit

0.3mm in additional vertical height of existing ERA, 5.50mm Ø housing

Direct Placement or cast coping

Zest Anchor Advanced Generation (ZAAG) is an improvement over the traditional Zest Anchor system while maintaining Zest concepts: lowering the fulcrum (force application), the intradicular female (inside root), and the easy replacement of the male. Advancements allow the male to freely rotate and move within the housing or denture cap, the wide band on the male allows for increased retention and reduced wear (less bending and breakage), the female has a titanium coating for hardness and a smoother internal surface.


Standard Zaag4.50mm tall*, 3.80mm Ø tooth surface, 3.40mm Ø housing

Mini Zaag3.50mm tall*, 3.30mm Ø tooth surface, 4.20mm Ø housing

*the short and tough housing may be used instead of the standard housing to reduce vertical height by 1mm

standard cap male          short and tough cap male

After 25 years of use, Zest Anchors has undergone a series of improvements to create the all new Zest Anchor Advanced Generation (ZAAG). Preat has a complete inventory of Zest parts and accessories for servicing existing prosthesis. We recommend the Locator Attachment for all new cases.


Zest Anchor3.50mm tall, 4.70mm Ø tooth surface, 3.50mm Ø housing


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