Preat has assembled a unique offering of removable prosthetic specialties to assist the dental professional. If you have a question in the application or use of any of these products, please contact any of our technical experts via e-mail or phone.


Pre-wetted E-glass fiber, pre-impregnated with a silane coupler that allows the material to bond to acrylics and composites.

Since eFiber truly bonds to acrylics and composites, you can grind/polish the prosthesis, adjust high spots, and place the reinforcement where it matters: at the edge to stop cracks/breaks from beginning.

Designed for chairside and Laboratory use.

View information and technique video here!


Preat Perma Fiber & Mesh

Perma Fiber and Mesh are the ONLY reinforcement materials that acrylic resin will fill thoroughly and bond to. The initial mixture of acrylic resin will surround completely and bond to each individual glass fiber/mesh because of our PMMA-preimpregnation and SILANE coating of the fibers.

Fiber and mesh are a scientifically proven solution for composite and acrylic restorations. Over 10 years of research, 600 clinical cases in collaboration with both foreign and domestic universities, and 60 different publications stand firmly behind this product as the finest reinforcement material available.


Perma Block

Image result for arrow symbol Perma Block is a specially designed, cellulose-based caulking and block-out material that is syringe delivered.
Image result for arrow symbol Perma Block will adhere to a wet rubber dam, gingival and mucosal tissues and teeth. It will adhere under water and saliva!
Image result for arrow symbol Ideal for chairside pickup of attachments, or blocking out undercuts during impressions.
Image result for arrow symbol Don’t “lock-in” attachments!


Now Available in Time Saving easy to use single dose cartridges!


Perma Ret

Perma Ret is a simple solution for Permanent Retention of acrylic and composite denture teeth in both full and partial dentures.

Simply drill a small hole in the tooth with the provided twist drill in a handpiece. Cut a length of wire and insert in the wire holder.

Thread the wire into the hole in the tooth. Bend the wire into the desired position. Then process the denture base material.

View the video here!

A starter kit contains

  • One pin vice for twist drills and wire
  • Three twist drills
  • 13 lengths of 80mm silver wire (biocompatible and will not corrode!).

Refills of wire, drills, and pin vice also available.


Perma Ret Kit

Preat Denture Stippling Mandrel

A simple way to “stipple” removable prosthetics. Simply place four of your own old, dull burs in to the mandrel

and slowly vibrate to “stipple” the prosthesis.



View Gingivamoll Instructions

Gingivamoll is a soft, flexible, silicone rubber removable gingival mask that esthetically replaces lost tissue and provides increased thermal comfort. This removable prosthesis is produced from surgical grade silicone rubber. It provides outstanding esthetics while the ease of insertion and removal provides for good hygiene. The mask is very thin, fits comfortably, and is virtually undetectable in the mouth, blending perfectly with vital tissue. The mask is easy to keep clean, stays soft, and is odorless.

Techniques for fabricating the mask are routine laboratory procedures.

The starter kit contains all the materials needed to fabricate three to four masks.-plus two instructional DVDs for the dentist/laboratory, and a patient video that outlines the procedures and benefits of the prosthesis.






F8           F9              F10          F11


 F12          F13        F14        F15         F16


Quantity pricing available on orders of
6, 10, 25, and 125

Silicone Cutter/Polishers are for final adjustment of acrylic denture base resins, eliminating mess and leaving a smooth surface.

The mounted Polisher should be used in either a handpiece or lathe at low to moderate speeds with light pressure to ensure efficient removal and polishing of acrylic resin for partial and full dentures. Nine different sizes are available.

244 Blue Polishing Paste

Preat 244 Blue Polishing Paste is the finest single step polishing compound available. Water soluble for easy cleaning and elimination of staining to produce a high shine on acrylic, gold, composites, non-precious, and chrome cobalt alloys. It is very clean, polishes fast, and comes in a convenient, clean dispenser. It combines two step polishing and scratch removal in a single step. 75 ml


Quantity pricing is available on orders of 1, 3 and 12.

Chairside Adjustment Kit


This denture and partial denture adjustment kit is designed to provide a convenient, clean, fast and functional system for reducing and polishing acrylic denture resin.

  • Saves Time–chairside reduction and polishing in seconds
  • Eliminates Mess–no messy pumice required
  • Fast reduction of acrylic resin
  • Silicone Cutter/Polisher leaves a smooth surface for try in
  • High lustre Polishing Paste puts a high shine on acrylic in seconds

The kit contains 3 Silicone Cutter/Polishers (F8, F9, F10), 1 tube 244 Blue, and 1 mounted buff wheel.


Do you use thermoplastic/flexible partials?

A great new way to polish them is using the Thermoplastic Polishing Kit Instructions

The kit contains:

  • 1 tube 244 blue polish
  • 1 large unmounted goat hair lathe wheel
  • 2 mounted goat hair polishing wheels

The Goat Hair wheels are very soft for a glass like finish and have a chamois insert for long life. 244 Blue is the easy one-step polishing compound for acrylics, composites, and dental alloys.

Goat Hair Brushes with Chamois Insert

Soft goat hair Mounted Polishing brush with chamois inside for long life.


22mm diameter, 2.34mm length of shank.
6, 12, 36 per package


Goat Hair Wheel with Chamois Insert

Soft goat hair Polishing Wheel with chamois inside for long life.


51mm diameter
3 and 12 per package


Ceka Sol


Unique solder that contains its own flux and will solder any combination of precious, non-precious, chrome cobalt, or stainless steel alloys. Available in white or gold color.


Ceka Sol

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