Ti Base – Dental Implant Solutions

Slide 9003764 - Dynamic Multi-Unit Ti Base All Major Brands Available Ti Base

Preat ti base dental implant solutions are available in both dynamic and regular versions, as well as engaging and non-engaging formats.

Preat ti base dental implant solutions are specifically designed and matched to each manufacture’s geometry.   Made from Grade 5 high-quality titanium, dynamic ti bases in particular provide solutions to the individual or multiple prostheses where angles are in an unfavorable position.

8002104 - Impression Coping - Closed Tray - Astra Osseo Aqua - 3.8 x 9.0mm

Impression Copings
AKA Transfer Copings

Temporary Restorations

In addition to providing ti base dental implant solutions, Preat also offers the Implant Buddy Driver set as well as the Omega Torque wrench to make the restorative process easy to complete. Implant Buddy Drivers will service 99% of the cases you are working on, tapered tips for easier screw handling, and is fully autoclavable.