3M Mini-Implants

Project Description

Compatible Parts for 3M Mini-Implants

These PREAT parts are compatible with their 3M Mini-Implants counterpoints. Feel free to contact us directly with any further questions. We’ll help you match them up.

O-Ring Mini Implant Servicing Kit

  • 1500610
  • O-Ring Mini Implant Servicing Kit

    Everything needed to service existing 3M MDI and compatible Mini Implants – One Impression Coping, One Model Analog, One MH-2 Closed Housing, One Yellow Processing O-Ring,  Two Black O-Rings, One Purple Extra Strong O-Ring


O-Ring Closed Metal Housing #2 MH-2

  • 1500601

O-Ring Metal Retainer #2 & 2M

  • 1500602
  • O-Ring Metal Retainer #2 & 2M

    O-Ring Metal Retainer #2 & 2M (ea). Metal retainer Ring for #2 and #2M O-Rings. Packaged individually.


O-Ring Yellow Processing #2 Micro (12-Pack)

  • 1500605
  • O-Ring Yellow Processing #2 Micro (12-Pack)

    Yellow Processing O-Ring #2 / Micro Smaller size O-Ring. Package of 12. 1.00mm internal Ø 3.60mm outer Ø Will work for both #2 and #2m sizes


O-Ring Black Rings #2 Micro (12-Pack)

  • 1500603

O-Ring Purple Rings#2 MH-2 Extra Strong (12 pack)

  • 1500608

O-Ring Mini Implant Analog #2M

  • 1500210
  • O-Ring Mini Implant Analog #2M

    O-Ring Mini Implant Analog #2M (ea). Oring mini-implant analogs designed for relines and processing of the most popular (imtec, 1.8mm) mini-implant sizes.


O-Ring Mini Implant Impression Coping

  • 1500212

O-Ring Insertion Tool

  • 4008049
  • O-Ring Insertion Tool

    O-Ring Insertion Tool Simple to use timesaving tool for inserting o-rings into housings. Highly recommended by the PREAT technical staff.


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