Slide by Preat One Choice... Endless Possibilities. Digital Choice Library

The NEW Preat Choice™ Digital Library Now Gives You Complete Prosthetic Design Control At Your Fingertips.

The CHOICE Is Yours And It Has Never Been Easier.

Using Just One Scan Body…

Get Nine MUA Options

07-Multi-Unit-Verification Cylinder-CH8Multi-Unit Verification Cylinder
Cut to CH: 8.0mm

Multi-Unit Verification Cylinder
Cut to CH: 5.5mm

Dynamic Multi-Unit Ti Base
Cut to CH: 7.0mm

Dynamic Multi-Unit Ti Base
CH: 5.0mm

9003764 - Dynamic Multi-Unit Ti BaseDynamic Multi-Unit Ti Base
Cut to CH: 5.0mm

One SKU – Cut to Three Different Sizes


One Scan Body….provides 17 different restorative options at Fixture Level

Pick your procedure – We’ve got you covered:

  • Crowns

  • Bridges

  • Provisionals

  • Full-Arch Cases

  • Verification Jigs

Download Library

Dental Technicians - Exocad digital library

The CHOICE is yours and it has never been easier.

Dental Lab Technicians and Dentists will enjoy the new Preat Digital Choice Library
  • You choose the restoration

  • You choose the material

  • You choose the workflow

  • We eliminate the guesswork


Download Library