LOCATOR® Bar – Female – 2.0mm Thread


  • Includes 2-each or 10-each 2.0mm thread Titanium alloy with TiN coating
  • For total retrievability you can simply drill, tap, and thread the new LOCATOR Bar Female into your completed implant bar
  • Also Order: 1.7mm Bar Drill (2.0mm Thread) #9102 and 2.0mm Bar Tap (2.0mm Thread) #9104
  • The 1.7mm Bar Drill and a 2.0mm Bar Tap are used for creating the threaded site into either a titanium bar or cast alloy bar
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LOCATOR® Bar – Female – 2.0mm Thread



The LOCATOR Implant Abutment System is arguably the World’s most popular implant attachment system. Specifically designed for full-arch or partial overdentures, the LOCATOR Abutment system pivots and self-aligns to assure proper insertion, removal, and retention during function.

  • Self-Aligning Attachments
  • Simple patient insertion/removal of prosthesis
  • Unique patented pivoting technology
  • Compensates for path of insertion up to 40° of divergence between implants

During seating, the LOCATOR nylon male pivots inside the denture cap, centering the nylon male on the female abutment before engagement. These two actions in concert allow the LOCATOR to self-align, enabling patients to easily seat their overdenture without the need for accurate alignment and without causing damage to the attachment components.

The LOCATOR system offers standard and extended range retention inserts which are designed for maximum versatility, retention and angulation to suit each patient’s needs.

Learn more about LOCATOR® abutments and supported products

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