Preci Post DDS refill


  • Great communication tool between the Dentist and the Laboratory
  • Provides for consistent and accurate castings
  • Inexpensive and easy to use
  • Impression posts have a “”head”” for retention in any impression material, and will bend with out breaking or distorting,/li>
  • Impression posts are self-separating and will not adhere to most die materials, so a model may be poured up with out distortion
  • The burn out posts compensate for expansion/contraction of investing/casting and burn out cleanly with any alloy–including non-precious 50 Yellow opaque impression posts, 50 Blue opaque impression posts.
  • Yellow: 14.5mm length, 0.8mm tip diameter. Blue: 16.97mm length, 1.0mm tip diameter.
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Preci Post DDS refill

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