eFiber and Perma Mesh Starter Kit


The eFiber and Perma Mesh Starter Kit contains:

  • 10cm stick of eFiber 1.2mm (Perio)
  • 10cm stick of eFiber 1.6mm (Crown and Bridge)
  • 45cm of Perma Mesh
  • Wetting Agent (Black)
  • Bonding Adhesive (White)
  • Flowable Composite w/ extra tips
  • Goats Hair Polishing Wheel
  • F8 Silicone Cutter/Polisher

Also includes technical DVDs as well as promotional DVD and custom flyers. The ideal tool kit for every practice and Laboratory!


Individual item refills are available separately.

SKU: 7009050
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Benefits of eFiber Technology:

  • Translucent for maximum aesthetics and optimal positioning
  • Easy to adjust, grind, and polish
  • BisGMA and PMMA impregnated e-glass fibers
  • Use with all composite and acrylic resins
  • Easy to handle and no special tools are needed

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