TriLor® High Performance Polymer

Predictable outcome is predictable income. I use TriLor as a tool to make my implant retained cases predictable.” – Jeremy Wohlers, CDT – Owner of Esthetics in Function Dental Lab

TriLor has improved workflow in my laboratory and chairside while still achieving a very aesthetic outcome.” – Eugene Royzengurt – Owner of Apple Dental Lab

TriLor is a millable fiber-reinforced resin material designed for suprastructures for full arch restorations and bridge frameworks.

This super-strong resin flexes and bends under stress, transferring less energy to the implants, making it an ideal support material for implant restorations.

The TriLor Arch uniquely allows the dental professional to design the framework using a lathe or handpiece.

TriLor Data Sheet and Instructions for Use >>

TriLor® Arch

CAD/CAM Pucks Also Available!

The “Open” 98.5mm TriLor Pucks are for open mills, generally:  Roland, VHF, AG, Sirona

The 95mm TriLor Pucks are for a ZirkonZahn mill

TriLor Indications

For Suprastructure Design


A.   Minimum must be 7mm2 (3.5mm x 2mm)


B.   Minimal Thickness around Cylinders is 0.8mm


C.   Maximum Cantilever is 10mm

TriLor Material Comparison

Zero Toxicity, No Sensitivity, No Irritants

TriLor was tested as “zero sensitivity” according to all ISO 10993 and FDA testing standards:
  • ISO 10993-3 — non-mutagenic Tests for genotoxicity, carcinogenicity and reproductive toxicity
  • ISO 10993-5 — does not induce cytoxicity Tests for in vitro cytotoxicity
  • ISO 10993-6 — non- irritant Tests for local effects after implantation
  • ISO 10993 -10 — non-sensitizer test for irritation and skin sensitization
  • ISO 10993-11 — no adverse phycal symptoms after injection (test of systemic toxicity)

TriLor Case Presentations & Articles


Part No.


TriLor® Arch, 3.5mm (3-Pack)



TriLor® Arch, 5.5mm (3-Pack)



TriLor® Arch, 7.5mm (3-Pack)



TriLor® Open 98.5 CAD/CAM Puck (16mm)



TriLor® Open 98.5 CAD/CAM Puck (20mm)



TriLor® Open 98.5 CAD/CAM Puck (25mm)



TriLor® Zirkon 95 CAD/CAM Puck (16mm)



TriLor® Zirkon 95 CAD/CAM Puck (20mm)



TriLor® Zirkon 95 CAD/CAM Puck (25mm)



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