A Library With Endless Possibilities

Digitally designing restorations with the Preat Digital Choice Library

ChangHoon Lee, MDC, CDT
Inside Dental Technology / September 2021 / Volume 12, Issue 9

In the ever-growing, fast-paced environment of digital dental design, we now have the opportunity to create and deliver highly esthetic restorations. Just like everything in the dental industry, early technologies are often replaced and improved upon by better, more streamlined solutions. In our highly competitive business, adding the right technology to our expert hand skills allows us to deliver exceptional results. I adopted and incorporated a few of the available digital libraries into my workflow, and I quickly found the limitations and lack of flexibility present in these libraries, but not a digital workflow supporting my hand skills.

When I was introduced to the Preat Digital Choice Library, I already had enough libraries; I liked bits and pieces out of each, but had no one favorite solution. While watching a webinar on Preat’s new library, I realized that they had filled the gaps and added several more solutions that were missing from my current libraries. I downloaded the free library from their website and began working with it from some STL files. To my amazement, I was finding more restorative options in Preat’s library and it was easy to navigate. Instead of a single scan body linked to a Ti base, as with my current libraries, Preat’s scan body for fixture-level restorations offers 17 restorative options ranging from 4.5 mm to 9 mm tall and straight access channels ranging up to 30°.

My anterior implant esthetic cases can be challenging when screw access channels are positioned in undesirable esthetic locations. My favorite solution is Preat’s Dynamic Ti base. I order the 9-mm version and cut it down to the length I need; I can use it in either the anterior or posterior, straight or angled, with simple inventory management.

Do you use temporary cylinders? The library has those available in 10-, 8-, and 6-mm heights. We also print our models, and the Preat Digital Choice Library has digital analogs that are fantastic in addition to their anti-rotational features with vertical stops and security screws underneath.

Finally, we have a library that provides absolute flexibility for multi-unit and full-arch restorations. At fixture level, the scan body may be used intraorally and the same accurate digital model is created with the Preat Digital Choice Library digital analog, or an impression or cast is scanned in the laboratory. For straight access channels, the OEM geometry screws and driver bits will work seamlessly with the MUA 4.5-mm, 6-mm, or 12-mm-tall Ti base. The Preat Digital Choice Library is definitely worth your time to work with and very easy to understand and put into your laboratory’s workflow immediately.

Key Takeaways

› Multiple restorative options as laboratories can use the scan body either intraorally or in the laboratory.

› Preat Dynamic Solutions utilizes an angulated screw channel in restorative situations where implant placement and screw access channels can compromise the esthetic or functional outcome.

› Both the Verification Cylinders and the 9-mm-tall Dynamic Ti Bases can be cut down to three different heights in the library, minimizing inventory requirements.

About the Author

Changhoon Lee, MDC, CDT

ChangHoon Lee, MDC, CDT
Prestige Line Dental Studio
Flower Mound, TX