• Gingivamoll is a soft, flexible, silicone rubber removable gingival mask that esthetically replaces lost tissue and provides increased thermal comfort.
  • This removable prosthesis is produced from surgical grade silicone rubber.
  • The mask is easy to keep clean, stays soft, and is odorless.
  • It provides outstanding esthetics while the ease of insertion and removal provides for good hygiene.
  • The mask is very thin, fits comfortably, and is virtually undetectable in the mouth, blending perfectly with vital tissue.

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Gingivamoll Before Photo


Gingivamoll After Photo


Gingivamoll Starter Kit
The Starter kit contains every thing needed to fabricate 4 masks:

  • Opaque material, 4g
  • Pink material, 2.5g
  • Light pink material, 2.5g
  • Stain, 4g
  • Stain liquid, 5ml
  • Protective lacquer, 5ml
  • Red and blue dye