Magnet Attachment Systems

Magnets have become very popular as retainers for removable prosthesis overdentures for both root and implant abutments. The advantages of magnetic retention over either bars or stud attachments are:

  • No specific path of insertion is required (good for limited dexterity patients)
  • No abutment parallelism is required
  • Soft tissue undercuts may be engaged
  • Potentially pathologic lateral or rotating forces are basically eliminated providing maximum abutment protection

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Steco Titanmagnetics®

3 Designs Supporting Over 60 Implants (A to Z: Ankylos to Zimmer)!

Titanmagnetics® X-Line

  • Spherical surface
  • Self aligning
  • No lateral force on implant
  • X-Line Retention Force: 1.6 N

Titanmagnetics® K-Line

  • Conical surface (10°)
  • Lateral stability
  • Increased Stability
  • K-Line Retention Force: 1.6 N

Titanmagnetics® Z-Line

  • Spherical surface
  • Self aligning
  • No lateral force on implant
  • Z-Line Retention Force: 3.0 N

Magnets for Implants

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Shiner Magnet System

** Limited Parts are Available for Servicing Existing Cases. Contact Preat at 800-232-7732 for inquiries. **

The Shiner SR “Stress Resistant” Magnet system allows free rotation of the magnets in the housing, resulting in up to 24 degrees of root or implant correction.

One word of warning: Magnets provide only retention– not prosthesis stability!

Prosthesis stability should be achieved from denture base extension, other abutments like stud attachments, or any combination of the above.

This movement between the magnet and housing permits non-destructive movement of the prosthesis.

The rotation between the magnet and housing allows for constant contact–and retention–between the magnet and keeper, even when the prosthesis moves during function.

Both a regular and mini size magnet are available. The mini magnet is reduced in size by 30% for when space is limited.

The regular magnets may be used with both the regular and mini tooth pieces; the mini magnet may also be used with the regular and mini tooth pieces.

Regular keeper: 4.0mm diameter, 6.9mm length.
Mini keeper: 3.5mm diameter, 3.6mm length.
Regular Magnet: 5.5mm diameter, 3.4mm vertical height.
Mini Magnet: 3.9mm diameter, 2.4mm vertical height.

The neodymium rare earth II magnet has an indefinite life for long lasting retention. The regular size magnet provides a minimum of 1.5 lbs of retention, and the mini system provides a minimum of 1 lb of retention.

Both magnets are double encapsulated with a stainless steel material to eliminate corrosion.

Design Solution

  • No abutment parallelism required
  • No path of insertion/removal required
  • Undercuts may be engaged
  • No wear, no servicing requirements
  • Overdentures may be root supported, or Implant supported

The Shiner SR system provides ideal retention and abutment protection for maxillary and mandibular overdentures. No abutment parallelism is required. The prosthesis flange must be adapted to the ridge and undercut to ensure prosthesis stability. The magnet system works especially well with implants as magnets control lateral loading.

Technical Resources for the Shiner Magnet Attachment System

* The Smart Magnet System is no longer available. We are still happy to share our technical experience and servicing techniques; please contact any of our technical representatives with specific questions.

Shiner SR Magnet Attachment System
Shiner SR Magnet Attachment System
Shiner SR Magnet Attachment System
Shiner SR Magnet Attachment System
Shiner SR Magnet Attachment System
Shiner SR Magnet Attachment System