eFiber Technology

Experience the difference of eFiber (glass fiber) on your next restoration. Also known as glass fiber, eFiber from PREAT Corporation is impregnated with both porous PMMA and BisGMA. Why is this important? BisGMA allows the fiber to bond with composites. With so many dentures now utilizing composite, this assures a bond with all veneering materials, not just acrylic. Second, when we use the superdenture technique, this allos bonding to both PMMA, composite, and layered teeth as opposed to just PMMA teeth. This provides a huge advantage in strength due to placement and bonding. Use eFiber technology for indirect applications or direct provisional fabrication. Below is a side by side comparison. Also featured are a number of applications, case presentations and suggested protocol.

Side by Side

Chairside Light Cure Acrylic

Denture Repair Instructions

Direct Method: 3 Unit Bridge

eFiber & Mesh Handling Instructions

eFiber Bonding Technique

eFiber New Denture Reinforcement

EverStick FAQs

Fiber Anchorage for Brackets, Hooks, or Tubes

Fiber Anchorage for Orthodontic Molar Uprighting

Fiber Denture Repair

Fiber Direct Provisional Bridge

Fiber Direct Surface Retained Bridge

Fiber Hybrid Bridge

Fiber Inlay Bridge

Fiber Laboratory Crown and Bridge

Fiber Lingual Splinting

Fiber new Prosthesis Super Denture

Fiber Occlusal Splinting

Fiber Orthodontic Lingual Retainer Technique

Fiber Type

Full coverage crown & bridge case

Full Coverage Crown in Molar Region

Labial Splinting

Mesh Denture Repair

Mesh Laboratory Crown and Bridge

Occlusal Splinting

Orthodontic Splinting

Perma Fiber & Mesh

Perma Fiber & Mesh FAQ

Perma Fiber Denture Repair Instructions

Perma Fiber New Denture instructions

Perma Fiber/Mesh Crown & Bridge instructions

Perma Fiber/Mesh Provisional Instructions

Perma Mesh Hoods Over Attachments

Removable Partial Denture Repair

Surface Retained Bridge

Surface Retained Bridge in Molar Region

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