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Preat Digital Choice Library - Design Dental Restorations Your Way
Preat Digital Choice Library - One Scan Body + One Analog gets you up to 17 different restorative products to choose from

Multiple Restorative Options
We’ve made it simple to use the scan body either intraorally or in the laboratory. Either a digital or poured model. The one Scan Body provides you with 17 different options for fixture level cases, and for multi-unit abutment level, you have  9 different restorative solutions. Keep your existing workflow, and design the case to provide the best restoration possible!

Preat Digital Choice Library - Dynamic Angulated Screw Channel Ti Base Dental Implant Products - 0° to 30°

Angulated Screw Channel
Preat Dynamic Solutions utilizes an angulated screw channel in restorative situations where implant placement and screw access channels can compromise the desired esthetic or functional outcome. Enjoy 0-30° for both fixture and abutment level restorations.

Preat Digital Choice Library - Cut-to-Height Products - One SKU, 3 Heights

Limited Inventory Requirement
Both the Verification Cylinders and the 9mm tall Dynamic Ti Bases can be cut down to 3 different heights in the library, allowing you multiple restorative options while just stocking one part. Take advantage of the versatility of the cut-to-height advantage on your next restorative procedure.

Design restorations with ease with Preat’s ever-expanding selection of product resources from the Preat Digital Choice Library. Learn how the library can help make your life easier and more productive. 

Preat Digital Choice Library now offers 18 different implant systems for your restorative needs. Featuring implant systems, Biomet 3i® 3.4mm & 4.1mm, Hiossen® Mini, Straumann® Tissue Level RN, Zimmer® TSV 5.7mm, and Nobel Biocare® Tri-Lobe NP, RP and WP. That’s nearly double the amount of prosthetic choices and restorative freedom.

Using Just One Scan Body…Get 9 MUA Options

One SKU – Cut to Three Different Heights


Get Started with a Scan Buddy collection

Get both Scan Buddies and you will have the full power of the entire Digital Choice Library!

Edition 01: 10-Pack
Edition 02: 8-Pack

Pick your procedure – We’ve got you covered:

  • Crowns

  • Bridges

  • Provisionals

  • Full-Arch Cases

  • Verification Jigs

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Dental Technicians - Exocad digital library

The CHOICE is yours and it has never been easier.

Dental Lab Technicians and Dentists will enjoy the new Preat Digital Choice Library
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