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CAD Ti Bases

Find downloads, guides, and instructional videos for how to use Dynamic TI Bases with 3shape, ExoCad, and Dental Wings software.

TI bases are used for all ceramic restorations, either single unit, bridges or full mouth, to strategically move screw access holes to more esthetic and functional positions.

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Dental Wings

Dynamic Download for Dental Wings

Instructions for use

Dental Wings Guideline to Download and Install

Dental Wings Video


Dynamic Download for ExoCad

Instructions for use

ExoCad Guideline to Download and Install

ExoCad Video


Instructions for use

3Shape Guideline to Download and Install

3Shape Video


Dynamic Download for DentalCad

Instructions for use

DentalCad Guideline to Download and Install

Dynamic UCLA bases are used in the Dental Laboratory to move screw access holes in cast single units, bridges, and bars.

Dynamic UCLA Abutments

Dynamic UCLA abutments are available in all plastic castable, or with a Tilite cast-to base (for use with Gold or Tilite alloys).

Instructions for Casting Tilite to Tilite Alloy UCLA base

Dynamic UCLA Abutments Video