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Implant Buddy & Omega Torque Wrench Combo Set

Implant Buddy Driver Set


Dental Implant Driver Kit

Service 99% of implants with the Preat Implant Buddy Implant Driver Set

Dental Implant Driver Set Features:

  • Both short and long drivers, color-coded for easy visibility
  • Tapered driver tips for a stronger implant screw connection
  • Convenient thumb knob fits directly into torque drivers
  • Magnetic base that keeps all components secure and in place
  • Entire Implant Buddy can be sterilized

Prosthetic Connections (long and short) included:

  • Straight Screwdriver – Straight Systems
  • SCS Screwdriver – Straumann
  • Dynamic Angled Access Driver
  • UniGrip Driver – Nobel Biocare
  • Hex 1.3mm/.050 inch – Lifecore, BioHorizon, Astra, Zimmer
  • Hex 1.2mm/.048 inch – 3i Systems, Megagen, Hiossen
  • Hex 0.9mm/.035 inch – Friadent, Ankylos, 3i cover screw

Specifications for each dental implant driver kit:

  • Short Drivers: total length 23mm; shaft length 16mm
  • Long Drivers: total length 39mm; shaft length 32mm
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Preat Buddy Driver Set – Dental implant driver kit

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Cuff Height and Angulation Tool Set

No More Guessing! Measure Both Cuff Height & Angulation with One Tool Set!

Ideal for esthetic abutments, multi-unit abutments, and all removable abutments.Set includes two diameters of the tool, allowing use on implants from 3mm to 6mm Ø.

“This is a must-have tool for anyone doing anything implant-related. I use this tool daily!”
– Sevan Pulurian, Pacific Dental

“This tool really saves me time and confusion on large implant cases. It takes away all the guesswork and permits me to plant these cases accurately from the laboratory, allowing for the proper ordering of necessary components.”
Joshua Polansky, MDC, Niche Dental Studio

“When things get tough small tools can have a big impact. Using this one almost every day. Thank you Preat, great development!”
Alexander Winsche, CDT, Zahntechnique Inc.

“It is newer and better than the angulation ruler I have been using.”
Elizabeth Curran, CDT, RDT

Why use Bidra Conversion Smart Polishing Caps?

The Issue:

  • Existing polishing caps only protect the inside of the coping, not the outside!
  • With an extended metal rim, the Bidra Conversion Smart Polishing Cap fully protects both the inside and outside of the metal coping, preventing damage to the coping during pickup, trimming, polishing and finishing the prosthesis.

Current Solutions:

  • Lubricating the cuff and carefully scraping away any excess resin
  • Covering with Teflon tape and/or some barrier medium
  • Ignoring it and then simply grinding away excess as/if needed!

Clinical Consequences of Current Solutions:

  • Inability to fully seat the prosthesis leading to lengthy corrective procedures leading to patient dissatisfaction!
  • Inability to obtain passive fit upon seating due to excessive resin leading to potential implant failure of component failure (especially in immediate loading situations)
  • Rough areas attracting food, plaque, and bacteria leading to soft tissue inflammation and bone loss around implants
Not Bidra Tool Protected

Existing Caps only Protect the Inside!

Rough areas without Bidra

Square Type Driver Set of 7 – Short

Amazing value! Never look for the correct driver again!

Packaged in a high-quality autoclavable holder!

Dimensions: Total Length 18mm, Shaft Length 11mm

Square Type Driver Set of 7 – Long

Amazing value! Never look for the correct driver again!

Packaged in a high-quality autoclavable holder!

Dimensions: Total Length 39mm, Shaft Length 32mm

Screw Extractor Kit by Preat

Retrieve and remove broken screws with ease!

Screw Extractor Kits are available for the following systems:

  • Internal Hex 3i Certain 3.4mm
  • Internal Hex 3i Certain 4.1-6.0mm
  • External Hex 3i & Branemark RP
  • Zimmer TSV 3.5-5.7mm

The Screw Extractor Kit is designed to facilitate the removal of broken screws from dental implants with the additional benefit of not damaging the internal threads of the implant.

All Screw Removal Kits include:

  • (1) Reverse Cutting Bur
  • (1) Claw Reamer
  • (1) Extension for Bur
  • (1) Manual Centering Device
Screw Extractor kit
800153 - Screw Extractor Kit Internal Hex Zimmer TSV 3.5-5.7mm