Cuff Height and Angulation Tool Set


  • Ideal for esthetic abutments, multi-unit abutments, and all removable abutments
  • Set includes two diameters of the tool, allowing use on implants from 3mm to 6mm ø
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Customer Reviews:

“This is a must have tool for anyone doing anything implant related. I use this tool daily!”
– Sevan Pulurian, Pacific Dental

“This tool really saves me time and confusion on large implant cases. It takes away all the guesswork and permits me to plant these cases accurately from the laboratory, allowing for the proper ordering of necessary components.”
– Joshua Polansky, MDC, Niche Dental Studio

“When things get tough small tools can have a big impact. Using this one almost every day. Thank you Preat, great development!”
– Alexander Winsche, CDT, Zahntechnique Inc.

“It is newer and better than the angulation ruler I have been using.”
Elizabeth Curran, CDT, RDT