Dynamic RP Compatible Scan Body for TI Base


Our RP scan body is compatible with all RP platforms! You no longer need a scan body for each brand specific prosthetic connection!

With the 5 Dynamic Scan Flags you can cover 200+ implant platforms!

  • Improve Esthetics, function, and save the chairside time of angled access channels on your screw-retained restorations

For all 5 Scan Flags and other Universal Components click HERE

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Fix and adjust the scan body to the 3.0 Dynamic TiBase, avoiding any rotation thanks to its design. Then, proceed with the Scanbody scanning and the position of the implant is precisely detected.

Thanks to the versatility of the 3.0 Dynamic TiBase®,extremely aesthetic restorations may be achieved through the angulation of the screw entry, which goes from 0º up to 30º using the screw and screwdriver 3.0 Dynamic Abutment System.

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