Implant Buddy Driver Set


Service 99% of your implant cases with the Implant Buddy driver set by Preat.

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  • Magnetic base so all components stay in place and stay secure on a surgical tray
  • Short and long bits for each prosthetic screw connection
  • Color coded bits for easy visibility
  • Short and long driver
  • Serviceable design
  • Tapered bits for a stronger connection
  • Smart thumb knob goes directly into torque drivers
  • Easy sterilization: either the individual driver(s) or the entire buddy!
  • Small size provides more working space at the bench or chairside

Prosthetic Connections (long and short) included:

  • Straight screwdriver
  • SCS Screwdriver
  • UniGrip Driver
  • Hex 1.3mm/.050 inch
  • Hex 1.2mm/.048 inch
  • Hex 0.9mm/.035 inch
  • Dynamic Angulated Hexolobular Driver

Specifications for each bit:

  • Short Bits: total length 23mm; shaft length 16mm
  • Long Bits: total length 39mm; shaft length 32mm

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