Implant Buddy LT – Latch-Type Driver Set


Latch-Type Dental Implant Driver Set

The Implant Buddy LT / Latch-Type Driver Set has the same dental implant system connections as the original Implant Buddy Dental Implant Driver Set. The Implant Buddy LT is designed to work with Omega Adjustable Torque Wrench, as well as Right-Angled Driver.

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Just like the original, this great dental implant driver set will magnetically attach to any metal surface for easy access. You can also sterilize the Implant Buddy LT all together or disassembled inside of a cassette in an autoclave.

Implant Buddy LT – Latch-Type Dental Implant Driver Set Features:

  • Magnetic base so all components stay in place and stay secure on a surgical tray or your metal cabinets while working
  • Color-coded drivers for easy visibility
  • Tapered drivers for a stronger connection
  • Latch-to-square type adapter
  • Easy sterilization: either the individual driver(s) or the entire buddy!
  • Small size provides more working space at the bench or chairside

Prosthetic Connections included:

  • Straight Screwdriver – Straight Systems
  • Multi-Unit Driver – Straight Multi-Unit Abutments
  • SCS Screwdriver – Straumann®
  • Dynamic Angled Access Driver
  • UniGrip Driver – Nobel Biocare®
  • Hex 1.3mm/.050 inch – Lifecore®, BioHorizons®, Astra®, Zimmer®
  • Hex 1.2mm/.048 inch – Biomet 3i® Systems, Megagen®, Hiossen®
  • Hex 0.9mm/.035 inch – Friadent®, Ankylos®, Biomet 3i® cover screw

Specifications for each dental implant driver:

  • Total length 24mm; shaft length 10.5mm
  • Multi-Unit driver: 20mm

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