LOCATOR Abutment for 3.3 Imtec Mini x 4.0mm (Hexed)


This LOCATOR Implant Abutment compatible with the Implant Direct Imtec Mini 3.3 (Hexed) Implant System features a 4.0mm (Gingival) Cuff Height.

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LOCATOR implant abutments should be ordered to the exact height of the gingival measurement. The LOCATOR Implant abutment has a built-in additional 1.5mm of height. This 1.5mm allows the male attachment to fully seat on to the abutment.

Please DO NOT add 1.5mm to your measurements.

This LOCATOR Implant Abutment does NOT include -8393 LOCATOR Core Tool (containing Gold Implant Abutment Driver, Male Removal Tool, Male Seating Tool) or -8519/8540 Male Processing Package (containing Denture Cap, (3) Replacement Males, Processing Spacer).

Please make sure to order a LOCATOR Male Processing Package (#8519) for every 2 implant abutments ordered. The LOCATOR Male Processing Package will provide you with three choices of retention. The standard LOCATOR Replacement Males (Clear #8524, Pink #8527, or Blue #8529) can be used to restore an implant with up to 10 degrees of divergence (20 degrees between implants).

The Extended Range LOCATOR Replacement Males (Green #8547, Orange #8915, or Red #8548), ordered separately or in the new #8540 Extended Range Processing Package, will accommodate a divergent implant between 10 and 20 degrees (40 degrees between implants).

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