LOCATOR® R-Tx Abutment – Nobel Biocare® RP Tri-Channel


LOCATOR® R-Tx Attachment System, Nobel Biocare® Regular Platform (RP) Tri-channel Connection

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Convenient All-In-One Packaging Includes:

  • (1) LOCATOR® R-Tx Abutment
  • (1) Denture Attachment Housing with Black Processing Insert
  • (1) Zero Retention Insert (Gray)
  • (1) Low Retention Insert (Blue)
  • (1) Medium Retention Insert (Pink)
  • (1) High Retention Insert (Clear)
  • Block-out Spacer

To learn more about the new LOCATOR® R-Tx System click HERE

LOCATOR® R-Tx Implant Attachment

Primary Features

  • DuraTec™ Titanium Carbon Nitride Coating is aesthetic, harder, and more wear-resistant.
  • Convenient all-in-one packaging.
  • Dual retentive surfaces for engagement & narrower coronal geometry for easier seating of the overdenture.
  • Industry-standard .050″/1.25mm* hex-drive mechanism.
  • 50% increase in pivoting capability to 60° between implants.


Locator Retention Insert ComparisonThe magic of LOCATOR® has been that the Nylon Retention Insert pivots within the Denture Attachment Housing during insertion/removal, resulting in a resilient system that has allowed patients to seat their overdenture without damaging the components, even in the presence of divergence or convergence between implants.

Patented modifications to the Denture Attachment Housing now allow the Housing to pivot up to 30° over the seated LOCATOR® R-Tx Nylon Retention Inserts to treat a maximum of 60° convergence/divergence between implants, eliminating the need for pre-angled abutments.


Learn more about LOCATOR® R-Tx System click HERE

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