MegaGen® AnyRidge Blue Light Scan Body


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MegaGen® AnyRidge Blue Light Scan Body.

This MegaGen® AnyRidge Scan Body is part of the Scan Buddy 10-Pack. All you need to scan all 10 restorative options from Preat through the Digital Choice Library.

One Choice… Endless Possibilities.

We have redefined the digital library, giving you complete restorative control along with endless possibilities for the way you design restorations today… powered by PREAT.

Introducing the New Preat Digital Choice™ Library.

One Scan Body… Eight MUA Options.
At fixture level, one scan body provides 17 restorative options.

You choose the restoration. You choose the material. You choose the workflow. And we eliminate the guesswork. Available for crowns, bridges, provisionals, full-arch cases, verification jigs, and more.

The CHOICE is yours and it has never been easier.
Download and customize your next case now:

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