O-Ring Insertion Tool


  • Simple to use timesaving tool for inserting o-rings into housings
  • Highly recommended by the Preat technical staff
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Use the O-Ring Insertion Tool to replace o-rings chairside in seconds.

  • 6 to 12-month recall appointment new o-rings
  • Place o-ring into housing and avoid losing product
  • The procedure takes seconds to complete

  • The O-Ring Insertion Tool is designed to insert O-Rings into a Metal Housing
  • The Micro O-Ring Ferrule is used with the OSO O-Rings sizes #2 and #2M
  • The Standard O-Ring Ferrule is with the OSO O-Rings size #3

Sterilization: O-Ring Insertion Tool, disassemble prior to sterilization, may be sterilized using a liquid chemical sterilant following manufacturer’s recommendations to achieve sterilization.

Please Note: Liquid Chemical Sterilant must be approved for Sterilization, not just High-Level Disinfection, and must be compatible
with Polysulfone material.

Lubrication: Lubricate the O-Ring Insertion Tool prior to use by dipping each end of the Insertion Tool Handle Tip into the lubricant (Water-Based KY Jelly), and insert the Insertion Tool Handle Tip into its respective ferrule, and sliding the ferrule back and forth to lubricate the inside of the ferrule.

Place the appropriate O-ring on a flat surface. Remove the correct size ferrule from the O-ring Insertion Tool Handle. Place the wide base of the ferrule over the O-ring. The O-ring should be flat in the ferrule as shown below.
Place the ferrule with the loaded O-ring onto its respective end of the Insertion Tool Handle. Slowly turn the Insertion Tool Handle and press forward as the O-ring “inches” towards the narrow end of the ferrule.

When the O-ring is just inside the narrow end of the ferrule it is ready to be inserted into the Metal Housing. Place the Metal Housing on a flat surface. Place the narrow end of the ferrule flush against the Metal Housing so that the ferrule lines up with the internal circumference of the Metal Housing.

Push the Insertion Tool Handle to “punch” the O-ring through the ferrule and into the Metal Housing.

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