Dental Implant Digital Analogs

Digital Analogs - Used in digital dentistry

About Dental Implant Digital Analog

Dental Implant Digital Analogs are a pre-manufactured dental implant replica component that simulates the implant position in a digital model. The digital implant analogs are available in a variety of implant connection types.

Dental Digital Analog - Tapered Self Guided Positioning

Tapered for self-guided positioned for easy insertion into a  3D printed or milled model

Digital Analog - Flat plane prevents rotation

A flat, keyed plane prevents rotation while inserted in the model, providing exact, intended positioning

Digital Analog - 2 vertical stops

Two vertical stops help to ensure proper Z-axis positioning, as well as a stable base to tighten when inserted into the model

Digital Analog - Security Screw

Digital Analog Security Screw – One .050 hex screw is included to provide a secure placement into the model

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  • 9001603 - 3i Certain 3.4mm Digital Analog

    Digital Analog – Biomet 3i® Certain

    SKU: 9001603
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  • 9005003 - Hiossen® Standard Digital Analog

    Digital Analog – Hiossen® HG

    SKU: 9005003
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  • 9000803 - Nobel Biocare® Active/Conical NP Digital Analog

    Digital Analog – Nobel Biocare® Active/Conical

    SKU: 9000803
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  • 9000403 - Nobel Biocare® Tri-Lobe NP Digital Analog

    Digital Analog – Nobel Biocare® Tri-Lobe

    SKU: 9000403
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  • 9001503 - Straumann® Bone Level NC Analog

    Digital Analog – Straumann®

    SKU: 9001503
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  • 9000103 - Zimmer® TSV 3.5mm Digital Analog

    Digital Analog – Zimmer® TSV

    SKU: 9000103
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  • 9003703 - Multi-Unit Digital Analog

    Multi-Unit Digital Analog

    SKU: 9003703
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Most of the above dental digital analogs are a part of the Preat Digital Choice Library. Get complete prosthetic control with your next design. Be sure to check out the Preat Digital Choice Library.