eFiber by Preat is a BisGMA and PMMA impregnated E-glass fibers. All the advantages of the first generation Preat Perma Fiber, but without the need to “wet” the material!

Use fiber to prevent Stress Cracks from starting before they begin. Increase fatigue resistance. Increase flexural strength.

Improve Esthetics

  • The fibers are translucent
  • No ugly metal wires
  • Bonds to all composite and acrylic resins.

Happy patients

  • Eliminate broken prostheses and non-revenue chairside time
  • Stop breakage before it begins!

Improve Productivity!

  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to grind and finish- No fraying
  • No special tools needed
eFiber and Perma Mesh
eFiber Starter Kit

eFiber Composition & Comparison

The BIS-GMA allows eFiber to bond with light cure composites and well as acrylic (PMMA).

eFiber provides 28 MPa of adhesive strength to etched enamel/dentin and 27 MPa to composite.

eFiber Composition
Side by Side eFiber and Old Polyethylene
Preat Perma Fiber and Mesh

Intra Oral Splinting

eFiber Superdenture

eFiber Superdenture

eFiber Space Maintainer

eFiber Space Maintainer

eFiber Denture Repair

eFiber Denture Repair