Fiber Technology Products

TriLor High Performance Polymer, Perma Fiber, Perma Mesh, and eFiber are scientifically proven solutions for Fiber Reinforcement of composite and acrylic resins.

TriLor® High Performance Polymer

TriLor is a millable fiber-reinforced resin material designed for suprastructures for full arch restorations and bridge frameworks.

This super-strong resin flexes and bends under stress, transferring less energy to the implants, making it an ideal support material for implant restorations.

Available in both Puck and Arch forms.


eFiber by Preat is a BisGMA and PMMA impregnated E-glass fibers. All the advantages of the first generation Preat Perma Fiber, but without the need to “wet” the material!

Use fiber to prevent Stress Cracks from starting before they begin. Increase fatigue resistance. Increase flexural strength.

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Perma Fiber

Preat Perma Fiber is a PMMA impregnated e-glass fiber which is technique sensitive. We now recommend the use of our 2nd Geneartion eFiber material.

Perma Fiber and Mesh can be used on crowns and bridges as well as removable partial dentures and full dentures.