LOCATOR Bar Attachment

LOCATOR Bar Attachment

The new LOCATOR Bar Attachment System contains the same self-aligning feature, superb retention, long lasting durability, and low attachment profile that you currently enjoy with our top selling LOCATOR Attachments. Now these benefits are available for your immediate use when the splinting of implants is required with a bar for added stability.

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LOCATOR Bar Attachment Options

You have three (3) LOCATOR Attachment choices:

LOCATOR Bar Attachment

Drill & Tap

LOCATOR Bar Attachment

Laser Weld

LOCATOR Bar Attachment


For total retrievability you can simply drill, tap, and thread the new LOCATOR Bar Female into your completed implant bar. The 1.7mm Bar Drill and a 2.0mm Bar Tap are used for creating the threaded site into either a titanium bar or cast alloy bar. The LOCATOR Gold-Plated Abutment Driver included as part of the 3 piece LOCATOR Core Tool is designed to engagethe inside diameter of the threaded LOCATOR Bar Female and thread it into place. Atorque wrench may also be used to achieve the minimum recommended 20Ncm of torque tightening.

New Cases 2.0mm Thread: (#8589-2) LOCATOR Bar Female (2 Pack), (#9102) 1.7mm Bar Drill, (#9104) 2.0mm Bar Tap, (#8014) Threaded 2.0mm Castable Sleeve (10 pack), and new #8016 Drill and Tap Holder

LOCATOR Bar Females are also available in a special thread size to replace worn out TSB Ball Attachments. The onlyrequirement is a minimum bar width of 4mm to upgrade to a LOCATOR.

Replacement Cases 2-56 Thread: (#8587-2) LOCATOR Bar Female (2 Pack), (#9103) 1.8mm Bar Drill, (#9105) 2-56 Bar Tap

Now you can laser weld the new titanium LOCATOR Laser Bar Female to a milled titaniumbar, or the stainless steel female to a cast alloy bar. Use the LOCATOR Paralleling Mandrel in a surveyorto position the appropriate LOCATOR Laser Bar Female and then just weld it into place. Uniformity within the various LOCATOR Attachment Systems keeps all parts universal. Your existing denture components and tools already on hand can be used as connections for the new LOCATOR Bar Females.

Titanium Bars: (#4008588-2) LOCATOR Laser Bar Female, Titanium (2 Pack), (#9107) LOCATOR Paralleling Mandrel for Bar Female

Cast Alloy Bar: (#4008590-2) LOCATOR Laser Bar Female, Stainless Steel (2 Pack), (#9107) LOCATOR Paralleling Mandrel for Bar Female

The newly designed LOCATOR Cast-To Bar Female (316L Stainless Steel) is positioned by using the LOCATOR Paralleling Mandrel in a surveyor and then waxed into the bar. The precision machine finish of the attachment ismaintained by casting the gold alloy to the LOCATOR Cast-To Bar Female.

Cast-To Bar Female: (#4008586-2) LOCATOR Cast-To Bar Female (2 Pack), (#4009107) LOCATOR Paralleling Mandrel for Bar Female

All 3 types of LOCATOR Bar Females feature the patented self-aligning innovation that allows the attachment to act as a guide plane for accurate seating of the patient’s prosthesis. In combination with the low-profile (total attachment height of only 2.5mm—and 2.75mm for the laser attachment) the LOCATOR Bar Attachment will provide you with the best possible attachment choice for implant retained bars.

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