O-Ring Attachment System

O-Ring Attachment System

The O-Ring Attachment features simple techniques, low cost, versatility, and is the most resilient option to protect weaker abutments

O-Ring Cast To: 3.20mm tall 3.00mm Ø tooth surface 4.50mm Ø housing

O-Ring Abutment: the extremely resilient titanium O-Ring attachment requires 4.0mm vertical, 5.0mm Ø

All abutments include

  • (1) metal housing
  • (3) black final o-rings
  • (1) red processing o-ring

O-Ring Abutments

Our Complete O-Ring Abutment attachments include (1) metal housing, (3) black final o-rings, and (1) red processing o-ring.

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Complete O-Ring Abutment, dental implant abutments

OSO Distal Extension Attachment

Provides free movement in all planes for maximum abutment protection. A proven retentive system utilizing an easily replaceable rubber O-rig. Resilient attachment with vertical and hinge stress-breaking action for free-end and bounded partials

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