Removable Prosthetic Specialty

Preat has assembled a unique offering of removable prosthetic specialties to assist the dental professional. If you have a question in the application or use of any of these products, please contact any of our technical experts via e-mail or phone.


Pre-wetted E-glass fiber, pre-impregnated with a silane coupler that allows the material to bond to acrylics and composites.
Since eFiber truly bonds to acrylics and composites, you can grind/polish the prosthesis, adjust high spots, and place the reinforcement where it matters: at the edge to stop cracks/breaks from beginning.

Designed for chairside and Laboratory use.

Perma Ret

Perma Ret is a simple solution for Permanent Retention of acrylic and composite denture teeth in both full and partial dentures.

Simply drill a small hole in the tooth with the provided twist drill in a handpiece. Cut a length of wire and insert in the wire holder.

Thread the wire into the hole in the tooth. Bend the wire into the desired position. Then process the denture base material.

Bidra Conversion Smart Polishing Caps

After seeing the poor results with existing products, Avinash S. Bidra, D.D.S., M.S., F.A.C.P., Director, UCONN Post-Graduate Prosthodontics, designed this innovation with the Dental Professional in mind.

External rough areas attract food, plaque, and bacteria and may lead to soft tissue inflammation and bone loss around the implants. Eliminate the headaches with the easy-to-use Bidra Conversion Smart Polishing Cap from Preat Corporation.


Gingivamoll is a soft, flexible, silicone rubber removable gingival mask that esthetically replaces lost tissue and provides increased thermal comfort. This removable prosthesis is produced from surgical grade silicone rubber. It provides outstanding esthetics while the ease of insertion and removal provides for good hygiene. The mask is very thin, fits comfortably, and is virtually undetectable in the mouth, blending perfectly with vital tissue. The mask is easy to keep clean, stays soft, and is odorless.

Silicone Cutters & Polishers

Silicone Cutter/Polishers are for final adjustment of acrylic denture base resins, eliminating mess and leaving a smooth surface.

The mounted Polisher should be used in either a handpiece or lathe at low to moderate speeds with light pressure to ensure efficient removal and polishing of acrylic resin for partial and full dentures. Nine different sizes are available.