Zest Anchor Advanced Generation (ZAAG)


  • Male freely rotates & moves within the housing, or denture cap. Male is replaced in seconds
  • Metal denture cap is in denture base resin
  • Wide band for increased retention area and decreased wear
  • Strong–wide shank prevents bending and breakage
  • Titanium coating for hardness and smooth internal surface
  • New contour adapts better to root
New ZAAG Attachment


  • To replace the male, must cut out and chairside pick-up in self cure acrylic.
  • Thin, tapered shank bends and breaks.
  • Movement is mortar and pestle of male and female, causing wear and frequent replacement.
  • Spherical shape has retention only at the height of contour–wears fast
  • Rough internal surface
New ZAAG Attachment


Overdentures and Partial Dentures: use when non-vital roots or implants are utilized as retaining abutments. The female may be directly placed into a root, or a coping may be cast against the female. Implant abutment females are also available.


Not appropriate where a totally rigid connection is required.


  • Subgingival connection results in low application of forces near the root center of support–Abutment preservation.
  • Increased surface areas on both the nylon male and metal female allow for longer attachment life–Reduced servicing.
  • Instant removal and replacement of males–Eliminates oral chairside male pickup.
  • Universal joint stress relief with vertical resiliency–Abutment preservation.
ZAAG Kit Component Listing


New ZAAG Attachment


ZAAG Kit Component Listing


ZAAG Components

ZAAG Component Measurements

Standard and Short and Tough Denture caps

ZAAG Component Measurements

Standard Female

ZAAG Component Measurements

Mini Female

ZAAG Short & Tough Denture Cap Males

#4331 Standard S&T (2) (2.10mm Ø)

#4332 Standard S&T Oversize (1) (2.12mm Ø)

ZAAG Additional Components

Used to remove worn males and insert new males.

Includes ZAAG Cap Male Placement Tool (4961), Denture Cap Male Seating Tool (9310) with ZAAG Standard Replacement Male Side & Zest Anchor / ZAAG Mini Replacement Male Side (9311), Seating Tool Metal Pin (9515), ZAAG/Zest Denture Cap Male Coring Tool (9516).

ZAAG Attachment Components
ZAAG Attachment Components