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Angulated Screw Channel Solutions – Dynamic Implant Products

Angulated Screw Channel

Preat Dynamic Solutions utilizes an angulated screw channel in restorative situations where implant placement and screw access channels can compromise the desired esthetic or functional outcome. Enjoy 0-30° for both fixture and abutment level restorations.

Dynamic - Angulated Screw Channel

How does it work?
Preat Dynamic Abutment solution can optimize the esthetic outcome with the help of an angulated screw channel from 0˚ to 30˚ in a 360˚ radius. This desirable angulation correction option with help relocates the screw access channel out of the esthetic zone, interproximal locations or working cusp areas.

Dynamic Ti Base - Cut to three different sizes

Simplify your workflow:
One Ti Base can get you three different sizes to work with. Cut to desired height from 9mm to 7mm to 5mm.

Angulated Screw Channel Secure Screw and Screwdriver

The Dynamic Abutment screw and screwdriver are unique in that they work in tandem to form a mechanical connection which allows for the screw to be secure and retrievable. The mechanical retention of the screw into the abutment to the implant can be torqued down up to 30 Ncm. The head of the screwdriver will deform should more than 35 Ncm of torque be applied. This safety feature of the screwdriver head will help prevent over-torquing of the screw.

Preat Dynamic Angulated Screw Channel Solutions:

  • Screw access from 0º to 30º
  • Excellent restorative option when working with Cad-Cam structures made of Zirconium, metal and PMMA
  • The Preat Dynamic Ti base can be cut into different heights to adapt it to all your cases: 5mm, 7mm or 9mm
  • Preat Dynamic Ti bases offer more strength to the restorative structure
  • Scan with the Dynamic Scan body and cement the final restoration onto the Ti Base
  • Ti bases are made from a Grade V titanium and gold anodized
  • Over 500,000 cases of Dynamic abutments completed worldwide

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Dental Implant Screws

Slide All Major Brands Available Implant Screws

Implant Screws by Preat - Compatible with all major implant brands

Implant screws are available in both long and short versions, depending on the system and implant type as well as a variety of female driver head connection options.

Explore Preat’s implant screw options below, contact us if you have a special requirement or if you are looking for specific implant screw compatibility.

Preat dental implant screws are specifically designed and matched to each manufacture’s geometry.   Made from Grade 5 high-quality titanium, Preat implant screws can be applied to a variety of fixtures including:

8002104 - Impression Coping - Closed Tray - Astra Osseo Aqua - 3.8 x 9.0mm

Impression Copings
AKA Transfer Copings

Temporary Restorations

In addition to providing implant screws, Preat also offers the Implant Buddy Driver set as well as the Omega Torque wrench to make the restorative process easy to complete. Implant Buddy Drivers will service 99% of the cases you are working on, tapered tips for easier screw handling, and is fully autoclavable.